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For the Python nerds

probablepeople is a Python library for parsing unstructured western name strings into components, using conditional random fields.

This parser is even able to handle couples and company names, since they're often mixed with person names in real world datasets.


> pip install probablepeople

Python usage

Pass in a name string to the probablepeople.tag() method, and it will return a tuple containing an OrderedDict with tagged name parts and a String with the name type.

>>> import probablepeople
>>> probablepeople.tag("Mr George 'Gob' Bluth II")

  ('PrefixMarital', 'Mr'),
  ('GivenName', 'George'),
  ('Nickname', "'Gob'"),
  ('Surname', 'Bluth'),
  ('SuffixGenerational', 'II')]),

>>> probablepeople.tag('Lucille & George Bluth')

  ('GivenName', 'Lucille'),
  ('And', '&'),
  ('SecondGivenName', 'George'),
  ('Surname', 'Bluth')]),

>>> probablepeople.tag('Sitwell Housing Inc')

  ('CorporationName', 'Sitwell Housing'),
  ('CorporationLegalType', 'Inc')]),