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U.S. address parser

Try it out! Enter an address in the US, and we'll parse it into fields like AddressNumber, StreetName and ZipCode.


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Bulk parsing

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For the Python nerds

usaddress is a Python library for parsing unstructured address strings in the United States into address components.


> pip install usaddress

Python usage

Pass in an address string to the usaddress.tag() method, and it will return a tuple containing an OrderedDict with tagged address parts and a String with the address type.

>>> import usaddress
>>> usaddress.tag('123 Main St. Suite 100 Chicago, IL')
  ('AddressNumber', '123'),
  ('StreetName', 'Main'),
  ('StreetNamePostType', 'St.'),
  ('OccupancyType', 'Suite'),
  ('OccupancyIdentifier', '100'),
  ('PlaceName', 'Chicago'),
  ('StateName', 'IL')]),
'Street Address')